Technology at my school


Technology at school

99.9% of the Spanish schools can access the internet. In Comunidad de Madrid, there are quite a few Innovative Technology High Schools that develop the teaching-learning process using ICTs. Many researches are being done right now dealing with digital materials and their uses.

One of the last directions of research and development of digital materials is the creation of smart materials, i.e. materials that have the potential to adapt to the characteristics and supposed needs of the subject who uses them without any  intervention.

This type of smart materials use a knowledge based on the content, on the student and teaching strategies to generate presentations of displays adapted to each model of user for the purpose of support the mentoring and individualized learning.

Schematically, we can say that the ICTs contribute to education with some possibilities such as:

  • Remove the barriers of time and space between the teacher and the student.
  • Promote both the collaborative learning and self-learning.
  • To promote lifelong learning.
  • Interactivity among participants in education (teachers, parents, students).
  • Help of specialized subjects with educational needs
  • Promote an approximation of the school to society (see the real world).
  • To combat the isolation of many schools.
  • Enable the work on social issues, allowing the approach to very different realities.
  • Foster interdisciplinarity and globalisation.
  • Facilitate access to information (data bases, forums, pages (web…).
  • Promote an approach to information from a constructivist perspective:
    • the telematic projects are configured as small researches
    • are based on the activity of students
    • fosters a cooperative learning.

Cooperative learning

In our school, we also use different digital tools to work with the subjects such as “Aula Virtual”, “Edmodo”. We do online activities, we communicate with teachers and other students,we use smart boards, we stretch our knowledge, too.


To sum up, ICTs enable all types of learners to take part in all the activities that would be impossible for them, otherwise.


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