Student Report about the Meeting in Finland

On Sunday, the 4th of March we flew at 12:40 from Hamburg, Germany to Helsinki, Finland. There was one hour time shift and we landed at 15:42. Our exchange students were waiting at the airport. We spend the evening in our host families. On Monday, we had to be at school at 10 o’clock and the most went by bus and train. At school we had to take off our shoes. In the classrooms were two or three classes that were taught by two or three teachers. This was new and very strange for us because it was loud and a little bit chaotic. At 12 o’clock we ate lunch at school for free. We think a free meal is really nice because all students have a hot meal a day.

The project in Finland was IT. We watched two movies from Italy and Germany about using technology in school. About this topic we worked in different groups on Tuesday. One station was Home Economics where we prepared and ate Laskiaispulla – a sweat bun with cream and marmalade on it. At some other stations we learned something about robotics and how to use a 3D program. The rest of the day we spent with our host families – tried traditional food for example Mämmi, which is a dessert.

Wednesday started from one of us funny: The host families dog stole her hat so they had to chase him for about ten minutes. The result of it: They had to run very fast to catch the bus. Despite their efforts, they missed the track and arrived too late at school. So they almost missed the bus which drove them to the Fazer factory. There, we were allowed to eat as much chocolate as we can. That was very interesting because there were very strange varieties like chili chocolate. After that, we could buy chocolate and other sweets. Some people bought sweets for 40€! With a better feeling because of the sugar in our blood or a bad feeling because we get ill, we visited Heureka – a science exhibition. In the evening, we had a little talent show at school with a big buffet including very tasty traditional finish food. The talents were incredible singers and dancers.

The next day we went to central Helsinki. There we could decide whether we want to go in little groups or with a guide. No matter what we did: After half an hour we were freezing because it was so cold and windy even for a Finn. We saw many famous buildings especially the library was impressive. And I found the best hot chocolate at the central train station. We enjoyed the last evening with our host familys.

On the last day, we had to bring our baggage with us to school where we had to use an elevator. But a few of us were too heavy or something like this, so they were captured in it but could not get up. They did not know what to do so the caretaker had to rescue them. It was very funny but then it was time to say goodbye. This was very sad because we found new friends and had an incredible time there.