French Newspaper Article about the Meeting in France

Erasmus Le Domontois Avril 2017


Student Report about the Meeting in Paris

We were all very excited about this trip to France. We met early at the airport. The flight was not so great because of the wind, but we all landed well in Paris. Two taxis drove us to the school in Domont first, we could see a little bit of Paris while we were driving. When we got there we were welcomed by the french students and we put our luggage in a room.

Then we met the teachers who greeted us nicely and some french students performed a dance to the song “Happy“. We also got to meet the other students from Finland, Denmark, Spain, England and Italy by playing a game where everybody had to write down things they liked and didn’t like so that we learned a bit about each other. After that we were invited to eat croissants and drink juice. There were some problems about finding our right exchange student but at the end the problems were solved and everyone was going home to their right student.

The next day we went to the big castle of Versailles. We met at 8am at school to drive to the castle and were split up in groups to visit the castle. The weather was lovely and much warmer and sunnier than in Germany. The big castle and how beautiful it looked impressed us very much. We walked a lot and had lunch there. We came home in the late afternoon.

The next day, we went to Paris. Weather wasn’t as good as the day before but still pretty warm. We didn’t have much time to see everything in Paris because we only went there in the morning. We made a trip with a boat and saw all the important attractions like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame. In the afternoon, we were free to spend our time with our host families as we liked. Sadly one German student broke her foot that day.

Thursday was already our last full day in France and this day was the game day. We played a lot of games for disabled people like for example basketball in a wheelchair. We were in two groups. One group played the games for disabled people first and in the afternoon the games that the students from each country had figured out. The other group did it the other way around. We had a lot of fun that day because the weather was really good and we did a lot of things outside.

On Friday we said goodbye to our exchange students in the morning. Only our German group went to Paris but this day we had a lot of time and could experience all the things in this beautiful city. We went shopping a lot and walked down the Champs Elysee before we flew back to Hamburg.

It was a really nice trip and a great experience.

Franziska from Germany